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Willard Water CLEAR (473 ml)

water with pH 12.3 (alkaline);

over 40 years on the market;

patented product;

bottle lasts an average of three months;

suitable for people and animals.

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Product Description

Product description

Due to various EU regulations it is prohibited for us and all other ecommerce supplement shops to make any claims that the products we sell actually offer many health benefits without side effects. Many of our customers are aware of these supplements and are happy to come back to us regularly for the products that have helped them heal, detox or achieve superior well-being. The positive side about these legislations is it obliges you to research the product or the ingredients, helping you make a more responsible and clear decision. However, as internet is an information jungle, it might be difficult to create an objective view on a product and you might occur in wasting a lot of time. In such cases, feel free to ask us for advice.

We at Fitoplus are passionately committed to bring you the purest and most efficient health supporting products, also thanks to years of experiences gained through offering free Naturopath consultings to our clients. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy researching the products further.

If you want more detailed information about this product, please search over the web for the manufacturers official page by inserting "Dr.willard Willard Water CLEAR (473 Ml)" or contact our customer service.

Dr. Willard's Water is the only patented product of this type. And, yes, it is SAFE! It has been classified as non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and not able to cause any mutagenic activity under the Ames test, McCann and Yamasaki. Even the FDA (the American Ministry of Health) classifies it as non-toxic. Translation: As far as we are aware, Dr. Willard's Water and its solutions derived are harmless. Safe for children and pets!

FOR EXTERNAL USE: Mix with water and spray on skin for faster healing of cuts, scrapes and burns. 


The use on pets

C.J. Puotinen, author of "Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care", and another supporter of using Willard Water® with animals, wrote a wonderful article for the Whole Dog Journal emphasizing the many advantages that are obtained from the use of Willard Water ® under a system of holistic pet care.

Puotinen recommended to mix a fluid ounce (2 tablespoons) of Willard Water® concentrate for a gallon of regular water and use this solution as drinking water daily for animals with acute or chronic health problems or for any animal during warm periods or of stress. Instead, for the daily maintenance, the water for dogs, cats, healthy cattle and other animals which are not under stress, the water is much more diluted, such as ½ spoon concentrate per gallon of water (3.8 liters) or put a few drops directly into the bowl. Use this solution to fill the water bowl of your dog, it must be available at all times. Add it to the dehydrated food, canned or raw.



Q: Drinking Willard Water is like drinking alkaline water from an alkaline filtering system?

A: No, the alkaline water from water filtration systems should be drunk immediately, otherwise it loses most of the benefits. The Willard Water was tested for 15 years in the same water without losing its benefits - in other words, the water solution with Willard Water has never been touched or changed or altered, and the pH was still unchanged at 12.3 pH. That means you can take it with you on holiday, while practicing sports, at work, etc. Willard Water has other properties (see above).

Q: Can I add Willard Water to Alkaline water produced by my ionizer?

A: Because the average Willard Water increases the pH of two points, we do not recommend adding it to a water alkaline pH greater than 8.9. Obviously the more the water is alkaline departing, the lower will be the increase, but it is very likely that if eg a water having pH 10, with the addition of Willard Water becomes pH 11, which for everyday use is not recommended. In this case use it when you are away from home or on vacation.

Q. How should Willard Water® be diluted?

A. Willard Water® CLEAR should be diluted:

¼ to ½ teaspoon (2.46 ml) to 250 ml of water, tea, juice or other non-carbonated liquid (detox effects may be felt at higher dilution ratios so first time users are advised to use ¼ teaspoon and work their way up to ½) 

Q: How long does a bottle of 473 ml last?

A: You should drink 2 to 4 glasses per day. Drinking 3 glasses a day the bottle lasts about three months.

Q. What is Willard Water® exactly?

A. Willard Water® is an altered form of water that has been activated with the addition of a patented micelle catalyst developed by Dr. John W. Willard PhD.  When consumed daily, Dr. Willard’s Water® has some very useful properties, setting it apart from regular water, leading to several benefits including enhanced nutrient assimilation, increased toxin removal, and cellular stress reduction.

"Here is the scientific explanation: Willard Water is a polymer of calcium magnesium polysilicate creating a catalyst that alters the structure of water, changing its behavior so never encountered so far from science. The patented catalyst micelles is a unique and potent source of electrons and magnesium which "activates" the water molecule by modifying the molecular structural organization by a tetrahedral structure very stable in a chain of water molecules attracted to the colloidal micelles by strong electrostatic bonds. "dr. Willard

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All product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or by the Ministry of Health.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Additional Information


Willard Water® CLEAR must be diluted 1/4 or 1/2 tsp (2,46ml) in 250ml of water, tea, juice or other liquids NOT gaseous (to avoid unpleasant detoxifying effects, the first few weeks use the lowest dose and then increase). If possible, avoid tap water. You can mix/drink with various supplements. 

Drink 2 to 4 glasses per day. Consuming more than 4 cups brings no benefit. It is recommended to drink a glass in the morning, one at lunch and one at dinner. It is also possible to put the dosages of one day in a 1 liter bottle and drink it during the day.


PETS: add a few drops of water in the bowl of the dog or cat. In case of illness you can slowly increase the dosage, but always consult with your veterinarian first.


99.3% water and 0.7% of CAW Micelle (sodium metasilicate, calcium chloride, castor oil, magnesium sulfate) and organic fossil refined lignite.

Servings per container: about 192


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Most Accepted Reviews

Very valid remedy

Reviewed on 12/9/2015
I started using this product after consulting Fitopet’s Naturopath.
I have been giving it for about 1 month to all my dogs even though I bought it to treat my collie suffering from malabsorption which lead her to lose a lot of weight in a short time.
I have tried several remedies suggested by various veterinarians I turned to with no benefits whatsoever.
I give them Willard Water CLEAR in combination with Natural Pet Vitality and I have noticed a clear improvement in the general conditions including hair growth, increased vitality and better stools.
I suggest that if you have any doubts about the remedies to contact the naturopath who will give you the right advice!
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