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Diatomaceous Earth (1.5 kg)

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pure 100% natural diatomaceous earth;

food grade;

not calcined or flux calcined;

effective against parasites;

silicon rich (94%).

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Product Description

Product description

Our diatomaceous earth is a natural product and is not calcined or flux calcined.

Please note - breathing in the dust should be completely avoided.

Our product contains 99% of silicon, the most pure form on the market.

All product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or by the Ministry of Health.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Additional Information


Here's how to use it against fleas for pets:

The massage should be strong enough for you to come into contact with the skin and repeated every 2 or 3 weeks, unless the the animal does not get wet - in that case you must reapply. Avoid powder to get into the eyes of the dog and of the person. It should also be applied in areas where the animal usually sleep, and after two days take it off with a cloth (so a minimum of residual remains, avoid the vacuum that could clog).

Or use TripleSure, which is perhaps the most convenient and practical.


For protection against insects and parasites, rub the powder into the animal's fur, sprinkle on their bedding, etc.

Add to wet food 1 teaspoon (5 grams) for cats and very small dogs. For kittens only 1 gram per day. For larger sizes of dogs use from 2 teaspoons to 2 tablespoons for large dogs. Not suitable for pets with kidney problems. Do not give it to animals with kidney problems.

Human Use:

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a great source of silica. Take 1 -2 teaspoons per day, mixed with liquid. Diatomaceous earth will not dissolve, stir well to prevent settling and best taken in the morning.
At home: Use against house insects (ants, cockroaches, silverfish, bed bugs, flies, fleas, ticks, etc.). Sprinkle the area which you suspect is infested.


Horses, cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens, etc., will benefit from the use of DE. Add DE to animal feed to expel parasites. DE acts as a natural mineral supplement. It will also reduce the odour in barns from excrement and prevent larvae from forming in the manure. For smaller farm animals (pigs, sheep, goats), add about 12g (0.5oz) to their feed. For larger animals (cows, horses), add 25-50g of DE to feed, once a day. For poultry and small animals kept in large numbers add 2% of DE to the food.


To counter this you may want to add the powder to water in a spray bottle. This damps the powder and as it dries out where it has been sprayed, it goes to work. For chickens, water seems to access more places than the dry powder.

Special Precautions for Polish Chickens. These have a dense 'helmet' of feathers on their heads which hold DE powder and systematically drop it into the eyes. IF DE does go directly into the eyes you may notice the chicken keeps its eyes closed and appears weak and unhappy; this works very quickly - wash the eyes by inserting drops of clean pre-boiled, cooled water or sterilised milk. (Pasteurised milk carries bacteria - sterilised doesn't). Chickens love to drink this too.

Excellent for red mite protection/eradication. Puff into the bedding/feathers but especially onto the perch ends above and below where red mite hide in the day and then come out at night to infest the chicken while asleep. Puff some into the egg box so that when they sit to lay, their vents come into contact with the DE. (I put two small pinches of DE in the food cup of each of my little bantam chickens and mix with their food alongside oyster shell grit for strong egg shells). Eggs and milk, meat, etc., is unaffected in taste by the animal consuming DE.

Plants & Vegetables:

Natural plant protection against insects: DE is the organic way of controlling insects in the garden, greenhouse, orchard, and other places. Use it for control of slugs, whitefly, beetles, mites, grasshoppers, etc. For use in the greenhouse or outdoors on fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains and grass - up to and including the day of harvest. Ensure coverage over the entire plant, including under the leaves.

For young plants, 2 lbs (0.75kg) per acre may be adequate.

For larger plants, 5 lbs (1.8kg) per acre may be enough. Add 7 lbs (2.6kg) of DE to each ton of grain and mix well to kill bugs in the grain. Always wear a protective mask over the face and ensure your eyes are covered to avoid irritation of the eyes and protect the lungs - as with all very fine powders/dust.

Cleaning method:

Transfer with a spoon the product in a container to avoid raising dust. If you intend to work with large amounts we suggest the use of protective masks. Shake the dust on the plants: the best time to do it is early in the morning or evening when the plants are wet with dew. The humidity helps the powder to stick on the plants, but the effect starts after the plant dries, leaving as a powder coating. The powder can be easily washed before consumption of vegetables.

Apply the dust on the ground around the plants so many types of insects can not even access the plant.
To keep away snails put a circle of product around the base of the plant.

Spray the plants with water if the dew is not available and wait until the excess water drip from the plants and then shake the dust on the plants moist.

Wet method:

Add 16 grams of product per liter of water, close the container and shake until the powder dissolves. Fill a spray mixture and spray the plants until they are wet, but not dripping. Spray under the leaves and also if you want all parts of the plant. Allow the plant to dry until you see a thin coating of dust. This method also works well in windy conditions. In order to avoid clogging up the spray, after the application fill it with clean water and spray out the remaining dust.

Note: All the above is intended purely for your information and should not be treated as medical advice. Please do not resort to self-treatment. Consult a doctor if feeling unwell. We do not diagnose or prescribe any treatments. People are recorded as using DE to kill internal parasites in themselves and it seems to be quite popular among them, but we cannot advise this use.




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