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Little Big Paw

This food is 100% natural, contains a high percentage of quality meat and is entirely grain-free. It is also free from artificial preservatives, dyes, flavors, soy, or dairy products. Therefore, Little Big Paw's wet food is an excellent choice, even for more sensitive cats.

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Little Big Paw - 100% Natural, Complete Wet Cat Food

Little Big Paw is a UK brand that produces complete wet food for cats using the finest British ingredients. They firmly believe that your pet deserves nothing but the best, and they deliver on this promise through their food, offering delicious, ultra-premium, and highly nutritious complete meals.

Little Big Paw's food is made from natural ingredients in carefully considered proportions to optimize our pets' health. Ingredients used in Little BigPaw cat's food are the very best and entirely natural. Even the pickiest gourmets will be delighted with their meals.

Why to choose Little Big Paw?

  • 100% natural, grain-free cat food
  •  developed with the expert nutritionists
  •  premium quality ingredients
  •  high percentage of meat (100% tracable)
  • easily digested

 Meals are perfect for all cats and are easily digested. All tastes contain Taurine – an amino acid essential for feline health. Beacuse they use single source meat, all products are hypoallergenic.

Recipes contains natural carbs, vital vitamins&minerals, omega oils&fats, healthy herbs and full of proteins. 

x no artificial preservatives              x  no wheat

x no artificial colourants                    x no soya

x no flavourings                                   x no dairy

x no grain