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100% fresh and natural
Gently air-dried
Variable menus

Maggiori Info

SANADOG stands for natural and species-appropriate dog food made from market-fresh and high-quality ingredients such as fresh meat and fish, healthy offal, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as high-quality oils and natural minerals.

Likewise, as a market innovation, they offer sustainable products without meat made from vegetables and insect larvae that look like meat and are readily accepted by dogs.

SANADOG consistently avoid low-quality ingredients such as animal and meat meal, cereals, fillers, artificial vitamins or preservatives, and we also consistently avoid industrial processes such as extrusion, which significantly reduce nutrients in the original ingredients. All producst are packed in high-quality and sustainable stand-up paper bags with zipper closure and in attractive buckets.

Why Air Dried?

Dry Raw Benefits:

  • Gently Air Dried
  • Improved Digestion
  • Healthier Skin
  • Cleaner Teeth
  • Raw Feeding Friendly


In contrast to conventional dry pet foods, which are mass-produced and extruded at high temperatures, SANADOG menus are gently air-dried in a private factory. This gentle manufacturing process preserves essential nutrients that are naturally present in the original ingredients, allowing to avoid using artificial vitamins.

SANADOG's air-dried dog food was developed to combine the best of raw and fresh nutrition with the convenient benefits of dry food. Natural premium dog food without compromises, presented in a sustainable printed stand-up paper bag with a zipper closure.

If you would like to feed your dog a raw diet but are looking for a convenient alternative, dry raw dog food is a great option.