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Prins foods are 100% natural cold pressed food. It is a family-owned Dutch company that has been offering quality products based on knowledge and extensive experience since 1963. One of the types of food they offer is cold-pressed pellets. These are perfect for dogs because they are produced using only natural, human-grade ingredients from verified suppliers. All ingredients are also laboratory-tested. The company pays a lot of attention to the packaging they use.

The pellets come in various sizes - suitable for puppies, adult dogs, and even elderly dogs.
Cold-pressed food is a complete food for dogs, which means it can be fed straight from box to bow.
You can provide your dog with the balanced nutrition it needs, quickly, without having to prepare raw or cooked food every day.

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What is cold-pressed dog food?

We've probably all heard the phrase "cold-pressed." But have you ever wondered what "cold-pressed dog food" means? Are you familiar with this type of food? Cold pressing is a production method that avoids high-temperature and steam processing in the production of dog food. Cold pressing ensures that the ingredients retain their flavor, aroma, vitamins, and nutritional value, essential for good growth, digestion, and a healthy life for your pet.

What is the difference between kibble and cold-pressed food?

In kibble production, ingredients are processed at high temperatures (up to 150 degrees Celsius), and the process itself takes longer (extrusion). However, extrusion causes a loss of nutrients essential for our dogs' health. Moreover, kibble is harder to digest. Once the animal has eaten them, they remain "heavy and swollen" for several hours, while pellets decompose rapidly. Cold-pressed food is also suitable to be combined with raw (BARF) or cooked food. Prins has a passion for animals and develops tailor-made, high-quality, and 100% natural food for dogs and cats.


  • High-density pressed pellets have 25% less volume than crunchy kibble. This means it is easier on the stomach and great for picky eaters.

  •  Easy on the stomach; suitable for active dogs.

  • Highly digestible food reduces the frequency of defecation.

  • Premium ingredients such as poultry, salmon oil, vitamins, and minerals ensure high-quality feed.

  • 100% natural food. Free from synthetic odors, colorings, or flavoring additives and contains only natural antioxidants.

  • Cold pressing at low temperatures optimally preserves the beneficial properties of the ingredients and retains the nutrients present.

  • Ideal for picky eaters.

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