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Free Naturopath Health Consultings

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Are you unsure about which product to buy?
Would you like to combine your veterinarian’s advice with a more natural approach for your dog and cat?
Are you undecided about which pet brand would be the most appropriate for your four-legged friend?


This free consultation exists specifically to offer answers to these questions and to guide you in the best purchase possible according to your budget and personal needs.


The testimony of some of our clients: (below each testimony is the translation):

Very Effective
Sent March 30, 2016

Quality 5 stars, Efficacy 5 stars, Value 5 stars, Satisfaction 5 stars
This product was recommended to me by Aljaž Vavpetic for a gradual intoxication of my dog, which recently had been diagnosed with a tumor. To be brief, Asia, my 10-year-old dog, according to the veterinarian, would get worse given her condition: she wasn’t eating or drinking; she was dehydrated and losing weight; she seemed to be letting herself go. But slowly, slowly, changing her diet and taking this product combined with magnesium oil, Asia has gradually improved. Now she is very energetic and has no problems walking, while before walking was tiring. She has a great appetite and is getting always better. The advice of the naturopath was precious and have been efficacious in my case. Thank you from my heart!

Very Good
Sent September 22, 2015

Efficacy 5 stars, Value 5 stars, Quality 5 stars, Satisfaction 5 stars
I bought for the second time Articulation Power Pack because of the benefits I’ve seen for my German shepherd; a 14-year-old female! She goes on walks enthusiastically every day, her movements are fluid without halting…and to see her run, well…what can I say... I’m absolutely stupefied! I’m talking to my veterinarian about you as well so that others benefit.
Thank you Fitoplus for helping me!

Excellent Product

Sent December 12, 2015

I began using this product after consulting with the naturopath of Fitoplus.
I’ve been using it about one month for my collie, which has a deficiency in absorbing nutrients that has resulted in a slow relentless weight loss in a very short time.
I tried different remedies suggested by various veterinarians, but none of these have had any effect.
I gave her Natural Pet Vitality in synergy with Willard Water CLEAR (always following the suggestions of the naturopath) and I noted an overall improvement including hair growth, increased vitality and healthier feces.
I suggest if you have any doubts about the remedies to buy, contact the naturopath, who will be able to give you the proper advice!

Optimum Product

Manuela Cancedda
Sent August 31, 2015

I have been administering this product with excellent result to my “puppy” of 7 years with cataracts; the glazed veils the covers his eyes are slowly going away. I’m very satisfied also because mother nature is providing all that is needed to re-establish balance and wellness. Thanks to Fitoplus which gives me the possibility to cure in a natural way by making available its products. This is especially important since I’m absolutely contrary to pharmaceuticals.

Very Satisfied
Sent February 25, 2016

My dog suffers from dysplasia, and severe arthrosis as a result. With these natural products I have managed to stop his pain, and Arthridia has eased the swelling in his joints.
Now he moves with harmony, jumping and playing a lot.
A heartfelt thanks, Fitoplus!


To receive a personalized program, you must complete a brief questionnaire, which allows us to determine your pet’s relative needs more quickly. The more precise your responses, the better will be our service. If necessary, after the questionnaire, we will ask for more details via email, personalizing the consultation even more. All the information you provide will be treated with maximum confidentiality.