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Privacy Policy

Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets guarantees the most scrupulous attention to security and privacy of clients’ data. The information related to your person, your order and the purchases you have made remain strictly confidential and safeguarded in a secure location; they will not be distributed or sold to other companies under any circumstances. The registration data is used solely for processing the order. Our client services are always at your disposal to allow you to verify, modify and cancel your data.

Privacy Regulations


As related to the law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 for the protection of personal data, also known as Privacy Regulations, the company, “Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets”, from now on noted as “Fitopets” acknowledges in full the legislation in force relating to the protection, the treatment of personal data and the obligation for privacy in the exercising of its business.

“Fitopets”, acknowledges the existence of a computer archive and files of personal data, which are the property of “Fitopets” who has final say in management, communication, and information. The before-mentioned computer archive and files are entered in the General Registry of Spanish Agency for the protection of data, where users can access to verify the state of the data.

Measure and levels of security

Fitopets implements the measures necessary to maintain the level of security required for personal data and the circumstances of the treatment, in such a way as to avoid, as much as possible, and always in accordance with the technological characteristic, the alterations, the loss and the unauthorized access.

Field of application

The structure of the files, the devices, and the useful information systems are designed to respect the legislation in vigor for the protection of data. This applies to all a computer archives or files, temporary or permanent, of the property of Fitopets, which contain data of a personal nature, as do any computer system hardware that deals with this data.

All personnel employed at “Fitopets” and their data processor are expected to respect such afore-mentioned norms, with particular attention to the aspects regarding the functions and obligations expressly established by “Fitopets”.

The collection, Processing and Use of personal data on the Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets websites

Each time a user accesses Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets websites, data is recorded in a log file. The following data is temporarily recorded:

- Date and time of a request
- IP address or DNS name of the requesting computer
- the requested page (URL)
- HTTP answer code
- Client operating system and version
- Browser and version

In order to process your order and deliver it properly we collect the following personal data at checkout:

- Name and Surname
- Address
- E-mail address
- Telephone number

We are not responsible for the validity of user inserted data.

Your email address is being collected, when subscribing to our newsletter, either by using a form on the website, requesting free consulting or agreeing to be subscribed when placing an order. With your consent, we use your email to send you our informative content and let you know about any upcoming promotions. The service we use for email marketing (and share your email address with) is SqualoMail.

SqualoMail d.o.o.
Gabrije 33
6250 Ilirska Bistrica

We will never sell your information to any third party.
You can unsubscribe at any time with the link provided in each e-mail or by contacting us.

We do not store or see any credit card related data. Entire transaction happens on the server of the bank, so we don’t receive any information about your credit card except for the reporting of a successful transaction.

To use the websites of Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets it may be necessary for Fitopets’s servers to set cookies. These cookies are used for the technical administration of the website. Every visitor can configure his/her browser to refuse cookies. In this case, no data will be saved on the visitor's computer. It may be that you cannot use all functions of the website to the full extent when cookies are disabled. Read more about cookies used on our website here.

The Fitopets website is divided into the open and closed area. The closed area partly serves to fulfill the contract between the customer and Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets and is only accessible after login with an individual username and password.

Among other functionalities, the open area provides a contact form and cart system. Personal data entered in the contact form such as name, street, postcode, place, etc. is required for processing your inquiry and will not be passed on to third parties. Personal data entered at the checkout is used for processing your order and for delivery of it. It will be shared with fulfillment services we use for delivery purposes.

Services used for processing and delivery of your order:

Fully Fulfillment center
Podsvetija 22
1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani

General Logistics Systems B.V.
Via Edgardo Morpurgo, 2
34148 Trieste TS

Registered Office - Piazza Diaz no. 7 - 20123 Milan (Italy)

The stored data from (1) is anonymously analyzed for statistical purposes. Statistical reports are used to evaluate the usage of the Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets websites. In particular, the order in which the pages are visited and the path taken between pages is shown. This is intended to give Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets an indication as to how the usability of the website can be further improved.

Security standards you can trust

In order to transfer personal data, Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security protocol with 128-bit encryption. This technology offers the best possible security and is also used by all major high street banks to protect online banking data. All payment methods offered by us are fully protected by these safety standards. You will be able to identify that the website is using encrypted data transmission by the closed padlock symbol visible in the bottom status bar of your browser.

In certain cases, in order to protect data submitted via internet forms on this site, we will use the reCAPTCHA service provided by Google Inc. This is primarily used to distinguish whether data has been entered by a human or for illegal purposes by a machine or automated process (a 'bot'). This service includes sending the IP address and possibly other data required by Google for the Google ReCaptcha service. The data collection is subject to the data protection regulations of Google (Google Inc.). For more information please take a look at Google Privacy Policies

Safer shopping with Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets

In detail, our security guarantee is as follows: Our software, which uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as standard, encrypts your personal data such as your name, address, bank account number and credit card number whenever you make an order. SSL is supported by most browsers and ensures that your data reaches our server in a form of code that is unreadable for unauthorized persons. Should a case of misuse occur during a purchase on our website, please get in touch with us and your bank or credit card company.

Viewing your personal data

You can view or edit your personal data at any time in the “my account” section of the website by logging in using your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can simply click on the “Forgotten your password?” link on the log-in page, then enter your registered email address into the form and we will send you a replacement password. If a third party is trying to gain access to your data, this process is safe, as the new password will be sent only to your personal email address.

Duration of data storage

Your personal data will only be kept as long as necessary for the provision of our services. Sometimes longer-term data storage may be necessary for legal reasons.

Your access and cancellation rights

You are entitled to demand free written disclosure of any personal information Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets has stored about you. Upon notification of any necessary corrections, blockages or deletions, we will make these changes immediately on the basis of the information given, if legally permitted. You may revoke your consent for the use of your personal data at any time with future effect. For questions regarding data protection and the exercise of your rights, please write to us using our contact form.


The user gives his consent for the treatment of personal data on the part of “Fitopets” with the scope of providing improvements in the actual services.

The compilation of specified forms, also through the webpage or sent by email or other direct communication to “Fitopets” implicate explicit consent of the client to the inclusion of his personal data in the files of which above are the property of “Fitopets”.

At the moment of the request of certain information, the client or user will be informed of the destination of the information, its scope and finality for which the data is gathered, the identity and the address of the data processor and the authority with which the user can exercise of access, amendment, cancellation and opposition to the same data.

Third party transfer:

“Fitopets” is committed not to transfer to third parties data of a personal nature from clients and users without their express consent. This consent must be provided in written form from time to time, with the understanding of surrender only for the finality expressly indicated and always with the consent of the client and user.

Confidentiality and professional secret:

The data collected from the private communication between “Fitopets” and its clients and users will be treated with maximum secrecy. “Fitopets” is committed to respecting its obligation to privacy of personal data and the conservation and safeguarding of unauthorized access, in conformity with arrangements expected in the regulations on security measures necessary for impeding alteration, loss and unauthorized treatment od computer archives and files containing personal data.

The visualization of the data through the Internet network does not suppose direct access to the same, except with explicitly expressed consent of the data controller from time to time.

We recommend that clients never provide a third party any identification information, passwords or reference numbers that “Fitopets” could have communicated. In the same way, to guarantee that the safeguarding of professional secrets between “Fitopets” and the client is preserved in every communication, the client and user must never reveal confidential information to third parties.

Changes in security and data protection policies:

“Fitopets” reserves the right to modify its security policy and data protections policy with for the purpose of adhering to changes in the legislation or laws that exist, as well as in the case of changes that derive from existing relevant codes or for strategic business decisions, effective from the date of publication of such changes on the webpage of “Fitopets”

Contact address

Email: info(@)

The webpage are managed by “Fitopets” a business entered in the trade register of Ponos Invest d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The computer archive is located in the company’s domicile, which is determined and established in terms of the present Legal Notice, in “Fitopets”, Ponos Invest d.o.o., Litijska cesta 57, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is under the supervision and control of “Fitopets”, which assumes the responsibility for the implementation of security measures of a technical and organizational nature for the protection of the confidentiality, privacy and integrity of information, in agreement with that set in Law 15/1999 on December 13, 1999 for the treatment of personal data and whatever other applicable legislation.

“Fitopets” in accordance with Law34/2002 for Company Services of computer services and of electronic commerce on Internet, communicates in the most ample sense, which the above-mentioned law includes among the administrative services, the furnishing of information through the use of the above-mentioned means.

In any case, to related matter will be applied the Law 15/1999 of December 13, 1999 for the protection of personal data, and the relative attenuating regulations, above all with respect to the collection of personal data, information about interested parties, creation and maintenance of the computer archives or files of personal data.

Best Regards,

Ponos Invest d.o.o., Fitopets