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Who we are

My name is Aljaž Vavpetič (pronounced Aliàsh Vàupetich). I am a naturopath, a Gestalt counselor, a writer and a promoter of holistic systems and methods for the well being of every living organism.

Nonetheless notwithstanding the diverse titles, courses, studies, research and refresher courses, I must recognize that I was never completely satisfied with how I could help people’s well being. I am not a doctor, and I willingly leave to the doctors their difficult job, but I am certain that without active and responsible collaboration not even a Nobel Prize winner could perform a miracle.

Through my work the people with whom I came into contact, regardless of their problems, were always tired, disoriented, confused and, frequently, distrusting. The information and suggestions that came from various sectors of public health indicated solutions to treat everything and its opposite, but often they did not resolve the underlying problem.

For years I battled a continuous state of pain that regardless of the therapy gripped my stomach reducing my trust, my hair, my sleep, my rest and my desire to live. In my family I watched helplessly the suffering of those dear to me and could not understand why notwithstanding all the science and knowledge we had available to us, we were far from a satisfying and definitive solution. I moved in vain from one attempt to another, but my improvements were always short-lived, and for my tastes terribly slow.
I observed that things were not going much better in the animal world. Because of the boundless love that I nurtured for them, I was obligated to notice that many of them were experiencing problems and difficulties not imaginable only 50 years ago.

Even though for a long time I had realized that I could not and did not want to remain immobile in the face of this, I began further research on a global scale to find something that would permit me or anyone else to retrace my steps from the bottom to the surface of suffering. This is how I found myself faced with the immensity of knowledge from the thousand-year traditions of Chinese medicine to the shamanistic practices of South America.

It was in this way that I was able to study, get to know, verify and experiment with many fields, among which the vastness of grasses, uncontaminated natural products, which give energy and primary substances to counter stress, problems and suffering, regardless of its source. The need to feel well should not be considered a small thing. Nature does not discriminate and is capable of providing remedies for suffering for whatever organism because the pain of a person in no less important than the pain of an animal (or a plant).
On the contrary!
At times seeing a n animal suffer without being able to help is as heart wrenching (if not more) as seeing the same for a human.

For this reason I decided to dedicate the majority part of my life to research and its popularization as the best contribution to the world to facilitate life and existence of every organism in need. And God only know how much help we need from nature. I am always more convinced the every person needs to realize that there exist today methods, techniques and absolutely natural primary materials that are capable of significantly helping with life, relationships, sexuality and self esteem, without depriving oneself of that birth right of living fully.

Therefore in summary this is who I am: I am a man, a professional, a husband and a son. I have come up against suffering many times, with superficiality, with arrogance and with indifference and after many errors and experiences, I have decided to offer my modest contribution as long as this is possible. I am a human who does not want to stop nor surrender to difficulties of whatever social class, couple or single that may be. So for this reason will always guarantee the best products and nutrition knowledge available for the achievement of a healthy equilibrium and wellness for all.

I am a traveller between the spaces of the body, the mind and the spirit convinced that the grand leadership of this universe moves in a general direction that can help all of us, and its infinite wisdom knows how to give the just instructions for correcting the many errors. I am and I choose to be a small gear in this immense design.

Welcome to the world of Fitoplus and Fitopets.

Manager, naturopath and counselor of and

Author of the books, “Grab your Life by the Hair” and “Program Sexual Strength”
Co-author with Natalia Rosignoli Vavpetič of the book, “The Awakening Zone”
(all ebooks only available in italian)