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Natural remedies for cataracts in older animals

Today we want to talk about nuclear sclerosis, better known as lenticular sclerosis which  is a phenomenon affecting animals and rarely humans. Specifically, there is a hardening of the tissue that covers the lens of the eye. As we all know, the crystal is the transparent natural lens of the eye and together with the cornea it helps to focus the light rays on the retina. When our pet is suffering from nuclear sclerosis pupils take on a gray-blue color.

cataratta nel cane

Nuclear sclerosis, as mentioned earlier, modifies the lens of the eye and usually develops in both eyes simultaneously. Animals older than six years are more at risk: the problem starts slowly and worsens overtime. It does not cause pain and  the animal adapts gradually to these changes in vision without too much trouble.

In young animals, which are obviously not affected by this disease, the eye lens is clear and this is because it is composed of tissue fibers that are perfectly organized and in good health. Obvously, with age, these fibers will grow old with the animal and as they are closed within the capsule they have no ability to expand when they receive new fibers. As a consequence, old fibers are pushed toward the center of the lens clumping together causing a compression which leads to opacity of the lens.

The vet, thanks to an ophthalmologic examination, can safely diagnose if your pet is suffering from this condition with the help of a device called a slit lamp.

It is important to understand that if your pet has nuclear sclerosis that does not mean they will automatically lose their eyesight. We said that nuclear sclerosis is a condition that can occur with aging of your best friend.  For this reason, the only thing we can do is to slow the age-related changes. Since we do not have a magic wand to stop time and therefore aging, the only thing in our power is to try keeping our animals as healthy as possible by following a few simple rules.

cataratta nel gattoFirst you will have to keep your animal in great physical conditions and you can do so by have him maintain an ideal weight.

In addition to that we should avoid overloading our pet with unnecessary drugs or vaccines and have him live in a healthy environment. So no to toxic cleaners, chemical grooming products, industrial pesticides and a healthy diet.

Diet should be rich in antioxidants and if possible include fresh foods especially rich in vitamin C and E that can help to eliminate free radicals which are responsible for aging and in this case for degenerative eye disorders. As the cataract is often present in animals with diabetes,  you would also need to reduce his carbohydrate intake.

It is also important to know that this problem can occur in different types. In fact, there may be different types of cataract which obviously vary depending on the severity of the opacity occurring on the pupil.

We would like to emphasize that cataract, in some cases, can progress but it won't necessarly lead to blindness. Although blindness is a possibility, it occurs in a very low percentage. Both dogs and cats can suffer from cataracts but generally dogs tend to be the most affected.

This condition has been successfully treated and reversed both in dogs and cats thanks to a series of clinical trials that led to the creation of a special natural formula rich in herbal nutrients. As we have previously stated, this disease can develop in different stages of life and most likely in more "seniors" animals who already have other health issues. Aside from surgery that may still have its risks there is a much cheaper and less invasive treatment which offers hope to overcome this problem.

This treatment involves the use of a herbal mix so not a drug, which not only allows to stop the development of this disease but can also reverse the degenerative process.

The synergy of the active ingredients of these herbs have led to incredible results without involving the use of any medications. In order to prevent the development of cataracts we should first avoid the lens protein's oxidation.

In order to do so we must use powerful antioxidants that will neutralize the effects of free radicals.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that blueberry extract  (Vaccinium myrtillus) is particularly effective for prevention and treatment of ocular disorders associated with aging including cataracts , due to its content of anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are water soluble pigments belonging to the family of flavonoids that have a strong antioxidant power that can neutralize free radicals responsible for the oxidation of the lens protein thus slowing its degeneration.

Ginko biloba is also an excellent plant for the treatment of all circulatory disorders associated with aging as it works on the venous circulation, arterial and on the microcirculation having both vasoprotective , anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Dandelion's root (Taraxacum officinalis) has always been known as a broad-spectrum detoxifier as it works on the liver as a choleretic (by increasing the production of bile) and a diuretic but it also acts on the pancreas by activating the secretion of pancreatic enzymes that enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients.

It also balances the intestinal flora, thus resolves eventual dysbiosis and malabsorption. This is extremely useful for maintaining our best friend's health and well-being.

In addition, according to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is connected to the eyesight and it has been shown that dandelion's root improves blood circulation and strengthens the retinal tissue. This valuable plant is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C beta-carotene: all valuable allies for both prevention and treatment of ocular diseases associated with aging such as cataracts.

This pool of active ingredients allow your pet to get specific compounds,  physiologically active, in his food (dry or moist). This will transform any food in a very good product for its health and will not just prevent the disease but also provide him with many essential nutrients for his well-being.

These herbs are available on the market in the form of alcohol-free glycerine macerates to be added to any meal of your pet by following the recommended dosage according to his weight.

Matea Skubic
About Matea Skubic

My name is Matea and I am an advocate for holistic pet health. I have adored nature and animals since I was a little girl, and I am proud to take care of our pets. However, I only became interested in holistic pet health when I adopted my first dog, Luna. Today, unfortunately, more and more dogs and cats suffer from various diseases. My Luna was no exception. She suffered from allergic skin diseases and dog cough problems. I soon realised that traditional veterinary medicine was not providing enough help.

3 thoughts on “Natural remedies for cataracts in older animals”

  • Maria di Falco
    Maria di Falco May 23, 2017 at 5:01 am

    Il vostro sito e' molto chiaro ho un cane di 15 anni con vari problemi, ma voglio usare i vostri suggerimenti e essenze di erbe naturali!!

  • steven cohen

    Hi Matea, My 15 year old dog Lady has lenticular sclerosis. What would you recommend for her. Thank you.

    • Admin


      we only offer cataract supplements. We recommend a healthy lifestyle. The high-quality food brands that we have available are Prins (cold-pressed) or Cookieswil (dehydrated). As a supplement to help maintain health and vitality, we recommend DailySure and regular use of probiotics.

      Best Regards


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