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home check ups for pets

  • Important Regular Home Check Ups for Pets

    Health checks are essential to have a complete overview on your pet's overall well-being. This is because pets are members of our families so it is our duty to monitor their wellness and ensure that they stay happy and healthy as long as possible. 

    It 's always very important to monitor any changes, or signs of disease that may occur in your pet even if they have regular veterinary visits and a good diet. An inspection carried out by the owner of dogs and cats is the right method to have a complete and accurate overview of your pet's health. It will allow you to pick up in advance any sign or symptom occurring and therefore predict the onset of potential diseases. 

    We must start by checking the head of your pet and see if there are any specific signs. For example the eyes must always be clear and free of any type of discharge around them. It 'also important to always check whether the lens of your pet is clear because if it is cloudy it might be an indicator of cataracts.

    Cataracts are caused by free radicals that attack the protein molecules of the lens and oxidise them. It seems that the lens proteins begin to "solidify" or  "freeze" resulting in clouding of part of it. This process will progress overtime compromising more and more the eyesight.

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